The Problem 

Many founding boards of charter schools lack expertise in some of the areas critical to a successful charter approval. Because of this, many charters have deficiencies and are rejected or given only conditional authorization with high hurdles that must be met before the contract is approved.

Grants, 501c3 & Legal

We can help we CCSP and other charter grant applications, 501c3 formation and legal services.

Charter Applications

We have a team of charter application experts who will write and/or review your charter application.

Why Are Some Charters Not Approved?

Opening a charter school? we can help.

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Our Solution

No Waitlists brings expertise from all over the state to close these gaps. We don't require payment for services until the school is authorized, opened, and receiving per-pupil revenue from the state. If your school is not authorized, there is no charge for our services. 

Marketing Solutions

We help generate "Letters Of Intent" through social media, grassroots marketing, print, door-to-door and more.